How brands are Neuromarketing in business?

Pay Pal: It used the concept of Neuromarketing with the help of company NeuroFocus that helped it to refine their forgettable brand message. (Essentially: “Safe, simple, wow!”). It improved its visual and verbal identity by testing different key phrases. With the help of Neuromarketing data, response rates and their click-through rate increased 3-4x.

Pepsi and Cola blind challenge experiment

In the blind test, it was discovered that people were motivated to buy coke because of its brand image rather than the taste. The methodology adopted was the series of tests where the respondents would sample the drink. FMRI technique was used to conduct this test.

  • One blind, where the respondent isn’t aware of what they were drinking
  • One where the respondent knew which brand they were drinking

In the test, it was concluded that the brain was recalling ideas from Coke’s commercials, and the emotions attached with the brand overriding the product taste and quality. Which means People liked the taste of Pepsi, but they were more inclined “to believe” that they preferred Coke.

So, Neuromarketing has become the new science of consumer behavior.