How become a successful Java developer. How should I get started?

  • Hello, mastering Java is not possible. It is a large language with many field-specific libraries. You can only learn the syntax.

  • To begin learning Java, understand what distinguishes it from C and C++.

  • Java is an object-oriented programming language. It enables us to employ real-world notions such as inheritance in programming.

  • It uses the Write Once, Run Anywhere (WORA) philosophy, which means that the same code, once compiled, will work on any platform (Windows, Linux, Mac OSX, etc). This is because Java code compiles into Byte code, which is platform independent.

  • Now If you think you’ve mastered the fundamentals, learn how to accept user input via the command line rather than arguments. Learn about the Scanner and BufferedReader classes for this. Personally, I prefer BufferedReader over Scanner since it is more robust, although the syntax is more challenging.

  • Then there are functions and recursion. Functions are important in Java because they are utilized later on when classes and objects are introduced. Functions are transformed into methods and are utilized to gain access to a class’s private members.

  • I recommend that you establish a decent foundation in operations and spend some quality time with them.