How and when can we get Local Variable Bonus (LVB) at Accenture?

  1. Accenture’s Local Variable Pay (LVP) is simply a fancy name for Bonus payout. It is due twice a year, once in June and again in December.

  2. Whether or not the LVP is part of your pay package is determined by various factors. It usually ranges between 0 and 20% of your fixed pay, and it varies depending on your career level.

  3. The payout in June is the amount calculated until March 31st, whereas the payout in December is calculated until August 31st. Funny? On the other hand, Accenture follows the fiscal year from September to August, and thus the process. For the months of December and June, the LVP is paid in addition to the salary.

A few points to consider:

  1. It is not paid on a pro-rata basis. To receive a variable payout, you must be an active employee on the date of salary disbursement for the months of June and December. Those planning to sail away from the mother ship should factor in a more significant settlement amount.
  2. Previously, the LVP was determined by several factors, including the performance of the IG (Industry Group), the version of the DU (Delivery Unit), and individual performance. According to the new Performance Evaluation mechanism, it is entirely in the hands of the DU lead and Project Manager. Yes.
  3. If you receive the Distinctive Achiever tag, you can usually expect a higher Variable pay than the rest of the group.