How a Viral Campaign Works?

In theory, a viral marketing campaign is very simple to carry out. You create a video or another type of content that is attractive to your target audience, put it on the internet, and promote it. From there, all you can do is wait for the fuse to light and for users to start sharing like crazy.

In some cases, virality happens by accident. For example, when a video is uploaded by a private user that all of a sudden becomes popular and begins to circulate all around the internet.

As for the dispersion strategy for brand videos, there are two types: visible and concealed. In the former, the user is aware from the first moment that they are viewing advertising or branded content, while in the latter the participation of the brand is only revealed later.

If you apply concealed marketing techniques, it is important to be very careful that the user does not feel tricked, cheated, or deceived.

No matter what strategy you choose, remember to never become “spammy” or go overboard with your content. Instead of repeating your message over and over, the best strategy is to find a good place and time and let the “viral fuse” light itself.