How a day in a life of a Python Developer looks like?

Of course, there’s a lot of coding involved. However, there are other other responsibilities. When you study our Python developers, I notice that they review the code of other developers in addition to building new applications and features. To assure quality, most firms have the code cross-checked among the developers before it is released. Debugging the code is also fairly common because you want to make sure it’s operating properly.

Pair programming is sometimes the greatest method to uncover weaknesses in your code - having another set of eyes can be invaluable. When designing new features, pair programming is particularly beneficial, especially for less experienced developers, because you can discuss the best strategy to complete your task. Many times, I’ve witnessed our main Python developer instructing junior engineers or working in pairs with them. It can save time, contrary to popular belief, because it allows junior devs to learn by doing and not get stuck because they can always ask for help or guidance.

So that’s more or less the entire day to day work profile.