How a day in a life of a Java Developer looks like?

Only a small portion of the job entails coding. Ideally, it should not play a significant role. You should also participate in the following activities such as :

  • Interaction with your coworkers and assisting them with their challenges, whether through brainstorming sessions or simply passing on your knowledge.

  • Other meetings, standups, job planning, addressing tickets in JIRA or whatever you use. I understand that it is inconvenient for some people, and that it frequently takes too much time, but it is required in some cases. Otherwise, you may discover that your days or weeks spent coding (a.k.a. “real labor”) were superfluous.

  • Before you start coding, think about what you’re going to do. Design the feature you’re working on, or how you think should something operate but doesn’t because of a bug, with a pen and paper, or a marker on a whiteboard. Take a break, pour yourself a cup of coffee, or use the restroom. A few hours away from the keyboard can do wonders.