How a day in a life of a DevOps Engineer looks like?

Coding, building, testing, deploying, and retesting are all part of a DevOps’ daily routine. DevOps is an iterative process, so there’s a lot of back and forth when it comes to evaluating each code configuration and deployment, addressing errors, establishing the next iteration, and testing.

For example, a DevOps Engineer Writes infrastructure codes & Jobs that enable continuous integration & delivery that allows application code to be tested & processed continuously. This will let the end-users get their updates quicker.

Maintaining a collaborative culture devoted to continuous development is essential for DevOps Engineers.
It necessitates a commitment to agile development principles and methods and the use of automated coding and testing technologies.

It also requires a commitment to shared accountability, in which everyone is invested in the project’s success without pointing fingers. Feedback is also crucial for identifying issues and suggesting changes.

Developers and operational personnel must be able to make strategic decisions in the present, rather than waiting for a long chain of decisions, in order to maintain tight production timelines and quick turnaround on code modifications.