Hoe to Craft the Body in LinkedIn Article?

There are different ways to craft the body of your LinkedIn article, and most of the time it is dependent on your writing style.

However, there are styles that work better on LinkedIn than on any other platform. Here’s how to write a LinkedIn article’s body using our best practices.

Consider the First-Person

Writing in the first person allows you to keep things engaging with your reader, and it’s slowly becoming the style of choice for many professionals.

It’s easier to connect with a person if the style is conversational because it’s a break from the usual formality.

However, this shouldn’t always be the case.

If you’re writing to a very formal audience, it would still make sense to write in the third person.

Keep it to Less Than 800 Words

The average LinkedIn reader should be able to comb through your article and grab value in less than 10 minutes. This means you should fight the urge to write an article with complex metaphors or too many anecdotes.

Keep things as simple as you can and aim to engage an emotional response.

This also helps with your mobile optimization – as we’ll discuss later on in this guide.

Avoid Fluff

People who read LinkedIn articles are busy professionals who are coming in from LinkedIn.

Since you’re already keeping articles to less than 800 words, it would make sense not to include any fluff in your writing.

Less fluff allows you to maximize your word count, and keep things lean.

Use Your Headings!

Always make sure that you use your headings.

This doesn’t just help you organize your writing, but it also helps with SEO.

Remember, LinkedIn articles can get indexed by Google. You want to show crawlers how your article has been structured