Have we carefully considered centralization vs. decentralization as well as hybrid models?

Centralization and decentralization can be applied to a plethora of disciplines. It is not insignificant to consider your strategic approach to aspects of your business with regard to centralization and decentralization. The mere act of thinking about where your organization stands or where you want different aspects of your organization to land on the centralization and decentralization scale is a step in the right direction.

There are different degrees of centralization, and it should always vary by degrees versus purely all or nothing. On opposite ends of the spectrum, there is total control and teach to fish—think of them, quite frankly, as they are named. These degrees of centralization applied to various business aspects are strongly correlated with company culture and resources, they are always on a sliding scale and there is no utopia.

Also, examine where you stand on the centralization spectrum with regard to the following areas:

  • compliance
  • training and enablement
  • process documentation
  • content creation
  • creating and editing templates
  • reporting
  • nurture strategy
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