Have a Crisis Management Strategy in Place in ORM?

You can never anticipate a crisis, but this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t prepare for one. So, a sound crisis management strategy should always be in place as things escalate online at an unprecedented speed.

Clearly, this is a huge area to cover, so we won’t go in too much depth. But, generally speaking, there are a few things you have to prepare to be ready for an ORM crisis:

  1. Make use of brand monitoring tools as they will quickly alert you if there are any unexpected conversation peaks about your brand.
  2. Keep an eye on industry trends, as some legislation changes or the arrival of new cutting-edge technology can put your business under a lot of stress.
  3. Know where your audience is and how to most efficiently communicate with them. If a large part of your audience is more active on Twitter, choose this channel as your primary communication space; this way, you will reach a wider audience in less time.
  4. React quickly to every negative comment or review and draft a copy of your response as quickly as possible. But make sure no one copies & pastes it in mass — at the time of a crisis, your response should look tailored to each comment and personal.
  5. Set up a chain of command beforehand, as everyone should know what their roles are in advance, especially when your colleagues are facing a crisis and may lose their cool.
    I hope you find this information helpful…see you on the next topic