Group discussion topics for campus placement for PwC

Group Discussion details:

  • Many firms employ group talks as part of their recruitment operations because it help them determine how good a prospect is in front of a group.

  • They assess a candidate’s communication skills, areas of knowledge, and ability to persuade others.

  • They would like to know whether a candidate is well-informed, if he or she is willing to listen to everyone as they present their arguments, and whether they can see errors and make a convincing case.

  • You’ll be asked questions regarding current events, current economic conditions, or any of the core management subjects in GDs for management jobs.

  • To assess your social talents for a technical job, you may be asked questions regarding technical prowess of any method or anything conceptual about human contact.

  • Prepare by researching current events and understanding more about the company’s history on the internet.

  • Use trusted sources like Board Infinity to receive Fractal-specific mocks and practise your accent as much as possible.