Group discussion topics for campus placement for Morgan Stanley?

Round One of the Technical Interviews is a face-to-face interview.

  1. Do you have any OT experience?
  2. How did you do in your class?
  3. Reverse the word of a string but keep the special characters’ relative positions the same.
  4. How does the map work?
  5. What is the difference between mapping and hashing?
    This round was for six people chosen for the Group Activity round.

One another candidate responded that for him the group activity round was for 10 people. All ten persons collaborated on the group activity. It lasted around a half-hour. They were given a large number of Lego bricks and told to design a model and persuade investors to invest in it. They came up with the concept of smart homes powered by solar panels, and they had to create two charts outlining the goals, major features, and so on. Working in a team, taking initiative, being a part of a group, assisting one another, and having good communication skills are all vital.

The group activity was described, and they were asked to choose a team leader. All nine of them chose the same guy, and he was fantastic. About 6-7 people were present to judge us and our actions.