Group discussion topics for campus placement for IBM?

All you have to do is touch up on your math, logic, and English skills, as the first round will be a written test.

Because the second round will be a G.D., good communication is essential.

For the technical interview, you must be extremely knowledgeable about any two programming languages as well as the fundamentals of all the disciplines you have studied.

The next round will be the last round.

The following is a list of G.D. themes in IBM recruitment:-

• Is China posing a danger to India’s software sector?
• Women’s Status in India in Comparison to Other Countries
• Contribution of the government to IT
• The Impact of Film on Youth
• Fees for Capitation Should Be Eliminated
• The Brain Drain Must Be Stopped.
• Are women equal to males or inferior to them?
• Nothing Beats Success When It Comes to Getting Things Done.
• The Economic Prophecy of Malthus Is No Longer Valid
• Should India cut ties with Pakistan diplomatically?
• Age and Youth: Experience And Young Talent

Best wishes for the future!