Group discussion topics for campus placement for Amazon

  • Group discussions are a common aspect of various firms’ recruitment processes since they help them determine how good a candidate is when he is put in front of a group of people.

  • They assess an applicant’s communication skills, areas of interest, and persuasion talents.

  • They strive to determine whether a candidate is well-informed, if he or she can listen to others while they present their arguments, and then identify weak areas and present a proper argument.

  • For GD’s for a management role you’ll get question on various things like current affairs or current market conditions or maybe on any of the core topics of management

  • For technical roles you may get questions on technical proficiency/efficiency of any method or something abstract about human interaction to check your social skills

  • Prepare using current affairs content on the internet and also learn more about the company background.

  • Practice more and more on your articulation and take amazon specific mock from trusted sources like Board Infinity.