Good sources for interview preparation

Where are some good sources for interview preparation?
well said that you never get a second chance to make the first impression. The same is with interview preparation too.

Well, I can suggest you to do the following;

Read the job description carefully
Study the organization
Study people on social media like LinkedIn etc.
Identify the pain (the pain employer feels and the solution you can offer)
prepare your interview speech
In short, you have to learn how to create an impact on the mind of the interviewer?

The whole interview story starts with something like; tell me about yourself?

In some 20–30 minutes interview all you have to do is to speak and speak only.

Show your confidence, your confident body language (Do practice before the mirror and see your face? Do you look confident? or confuse? change your expression accordingly
Express your knowledge - knowledge mean practical knowledge. What you have done before and the same knowledge can be applied again with greater efforts.
Research the organization - See their website, their blogs, LinkedIn profile. Visualize your role, the contribution you can make
Assume; at the end of the interview somebody calls to the interviewer;

Question: what about Mr. Ron?

Answer-1 (negative) - who is Mr. Ron? I don’t know there might be a candidate, I will tell you later on.

Answer-2 (positive) - Oh yeah Mr. Ron, I remember this guy, he is so intelligent, confident, he knows how to handle a difficult situation, work pressure and a lot of other things…

(You can see the difference in both replies - Now you can understand how to create an impact

It depends on the type of interview.

Interviews usually evaluate you on the following:

  1. Your track record of performance
  2. Your ability to do the job
  3. Your fit within the company/team/group

Best resources for preparing for those topics:

  1. Your own resume and cover letter- be prepared to answer detailed questions
  2. Content/functional knowledge and industry/vertical knowledge: analyst reports, newspaper articles, blogs, books, company annual report if available
  3. Company culture knowledge: blogs, quora, personal connections, company website

A company’s website is the source for prepping for interview questions regarding the company. It will also give you an insight into what the company aims for and what exactly they’re looking for.
Use LinkedIn and the ‘About us’ part of the organization site to figure out additional details about their expert advantages and experience. This might assist you with interfacing with your questioners and make a positive impression during the meeting.
You can also go through various mock interviews available on YouTube, they’ll help you gain confidence so that you perform better in your interview.

Another thing I’ll suggest is that you do proper research before your interview.

Your exhibition in a meeting depends, to a critical degree, on how well you get ready. Try not to leave this as late as possible. In the days paving the way to the meeting, center your examination around the -
Hiring Manager, the job role (read the set of working responsibilities once more and, assuming that you finished an application structure, go over it to invigorate your memory of how your abilities and capabilities match the work), the Interview board (attempt to figure out who will meet with you.) Questions & interview experiences (Try going through the interview questions & experiences posted by various individuals on the internet, it’s a great way to prepare for your rounds. Since I’m from a tech background, I went through the various interview experiences available at Codestudio. I also went through the company review sites to find out how the interviews are held).

I hope this helps!