General Topics to prepare for Group Discussion

General Topics to prepare for Group Discussion

Group Discussion topics are something that is not pre-defined. But we can be prepared for some of the topics beforehand to make ourselves confident and try to relate to the given topic. Some of the topics are: -

1. Hard work vs smart work
2. ethics vs profit
3. Freedom : A Myth?
4. Innovation vs invention
5. Leader vs follower
6. Building strategies vs execution
7. Work-life balance is a myth?
8. Blockchain technology?
9. Humans on mars?
10. World after covid19?
11. Is vaccination compulsory?
12. Poverty in India
13. Global warming
14. Cricket vs Hockey in India
15. India vs china
16. Growing population in India
17. Pros and Cons of Social Media
18. Bullet trains in India
19. Tesla in India
20. Banking Scams
21. Crypto currency
22. Zero


Candidates might read up on some generic GD themes to help them prepare for the group discussion phase.

  1. Should corporate social responsibility be a requirement?
  2. Is the value of brands dwindling in the age of millennials?
  3. A digital branding plan is required for a retail store. What are the short- and long-term strategies that the CEO should be advised of?
  4. In India, a global automaker seeks to join the passenger vehicle market. What aspects should be taken into account when making this decision?
  5. Leaders who think are lousy leaders.
  6. Globalization is a term that has been used to describe the (Thinking global, acting local.)
  7. What impact might digitization have on Citibank’s operations?
  8. Is India capable of leading the globe as a superpower?
  9. You’ll be meeting with the vice president of the supply chain department and will be giving a presentation on supply chain improvement approaches.
  10. The latest way of FMCG is natural/herbal.
  11. How can you turn India into a sporting behemoth?
  12. This is an example of survival. If you were stranded on an island, you would rank the utilities in order of importance.
  13. Is Make in India a pipe dream or a reality?
  14. Is Reliance Jio’s business model sustainable?
  15. The difference between a global and a local company is significant.
  16. Are business schools becoming glorified placement agencies?
  17. A corporation focused in the oil and gas industry wants to introduce a new recycled product. What should it be called?
  18. The Indian educational system is built on test-taking brilliance rather than learning.
  19. Is it truly necessary for India to consider smart cities?
  20. Modi in 2014 vs. Modi now.
  21. Net neutrality is a term that is used to describe how the internet
  22. What can India do to improve its environmental stewardship?
  23. The cream rises fast to the top, but it also sours quickly.
  24. Success is a process rather than a destination.
  25. It’s in the nature of rules to be broken.
  26. Religion is the people’s opium.
  27. Leaders are not bred in Indian tradition.
  28. Reading is being suffocated by social media.
  29. Is the current government’s strategy more focused on e-Media than on the workplace?
  30. Blue.
  31. What is Microsoft’s strategy for integrating itself into the Smart Home?