Funnel Development in Social Media?

Social media has the potential of impacting different levels of your marketing funnel. It is most often thought of as a way to generate awareness – and it does offer an opportunity to do a great job at that.

Much like a keyword strategy for search, you can map out a content strategy to address your audience where they are in their journey. Having content and ways to engage those who are not yet aware of or are being reintroduced to your brand is important.

Once you’ve captured your audience and you’re consistently delivering great content to them, you can get them to engage and go deeper. That includes the traffic you drive to your site.

Don’t be afraid to set up funnels and retargeting in your social media plan that ultimately gets to the “ask” or the conversion. You don’t have to shy away from driving leads and sales from social.

If you feel it isn’t the place for it, I’d politely ask you to reconsider and make sure that your calls to action are placed properly and at the right moment in your relationship with the content and the customer.