Freelance, Start-up or Lemon

Lemon in lukewarm water is really healthy in the morning.

Few years back, I was in one of the Quora meetup, where a handsome man was sharing his awesome experience of being a freelancer.

Which instantly triggered the hot debate of startup v/s freelancer. That handsome man was poured with questions from all walks of life.

Needless to say, young brains are crazy, but they are glared by the hot fuzz of internet sensation without understanding the basics of struggles and detailing of what lies underneath.
Anyway, I was just listening to the crowd and overwhelming questionnaire.

It was one of the remark which took my attention. A gentleman who appeared to be in the pool of freshly graduated from college asked, “Can I have few more people while working with me side by side as freelancer? I wish to start a startup in future.”

Although his question was lost, I was intrigued.

I was amazed by the enthusiasm of the concerned person but saw a bit of unawareness.
“Freelance, as the name suggests, is something you do as a free artist where you choose to work in your comfort timing and zone. Sometimes you don’t want to take extra bit, so you finish your task and take rest.
Whereas startup is altogether different universe which is bonded by a lot of formalities, planning in terms of investment and not to forget the regulations.”

I explained this to a guy sitting nearby, “Freelance is not just about courage but you got to have that will. Converting freelancing into startup is not a bad idea, but the premises of freelancing doesn’t sound good in such cases.”

When interacting with people over various social media I have seen waves of confusion in the young minds.

This is the reason I am opening this thread for further discussion.

Choose your way out wisely, otherwise lemons are already a good solution with lukewarm water for your health in daily job.