Free and Easiest Tool For Posting Your Contents on FB and Insta

Hi, Guys Hope you all are doing well for today’s discussion I have something very interesting for you guys. A tool that can help you while posting your content on FB/Insta you will find many websites which provide you such tools but those are the paid ones and honestly, it doesn’t help you much of the time. Today I will share with you just one tool i.e easy to Operate, to Understand, and most importantly it’s free of cost. And the name of the tool is creator studio by Facebook ya you heard it right by Facebook, FB is providing a tool where a creator can post, schedule, and also have an analysis of his/her page progress with some amazing features inbuild in it so let us see how you can use CS with 5 Simple steps.

1. Open your Fb Account and click on pages on the left of your dashboard

2. It will redirect you to your page click on the publishing tool Section

3. You will see a tools section on the left of the dashboard just click on Creator Studio

4. Here you will your creator studio dashboard where you can select your particular page and click on create new button

5. And that its you have to select your file ( post/ video ) with your write up and just click on the blue button where you can also see an option of schedule where you can also schedule your post as per your time and date

So guys this was about creator studio where you can post and schedule your content on FB/insta and you also get an Instagram option in it where you can post following the same steps just link your account in the setting part and guys this is a very interesting tool where you can also study your analytics and page/account status as well so do explore this tool it is very cool

So guys this was about Creator Studio and how you guys can practically practice it for your brand or profile hope you all guys love this topic and will keep on learning and practicing it let see you all on my next topic.

Thanks and Regards - Rohit. J.Lotlikar