Factors to Consider when Negotiating Media Buys?

There are many different channels that advertisers can purchase space on, as well as different ways of making those purchases, each of which have different best practices. Consider the following:

Programmatic/Direct Buy

Programmatic advertising describes a media buying process that relies on technology, such as AI, to automate and optimize all media buys. These purchases often take place over channels like Facebook or Google. This type of media buying focuses on the persona rather than the media itself, asking “who do I want to reach?” instead of “where do I want to place media?” In practice, programmatic media buys work like an instant silent auction - just set who you want to target, say how much you’d like to pay per click or impression, and provide the advertisement you’d like to show - then AI will do the rest of the work for you.

Ad Placement for TV

Purchasing ad space for TV typically takes place during upfront season, during which networks pitch media buyers on the benefits of purchasing time on their network. This is typically done during in-person meetings.

When buying ads for TV, make sure to negotiate that your ad cannot get bumped from the agreed upon optimal time. It is especially important to be aware of events for this reason. For example, if a political campaign is happening, candidates’ ads can bump yours even if you have paid more. Candidates always get the lowest rate for commercial time.

Radio Placement

* Radio ads are a great way for media buyers to reach local audiences.
* When purchasing radio ad time, aim to get space that airs early in the commercial break or at the close of the commercial break. Listeners tend to tune out of radio stations during the bulk of the commercial breaks.


Out-of-home ads reach people outside through mediums such as billboards. This can be a great way to reach people during their day-to-day lives.Media buyers should work with the creative team to get ideas for out-of-home .

For example, Reebok set up an out-of-home campaign asking if pedestrians were fast enough. Pedestrians who ran past the ad at a pace of higher than 17km per hour could unlock a free pair of shoes.

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