Explain What is Facebook advertising?

Facebook advertising is a way to pay for your advertisements to be shown to Facebook users in the Facebook app (on desktop, mobile, tablet, and any other supported device), Facebook messenger app, Instagram app or on another app that is part of the Facebook Audience Network
The Facebook Audience network includes apps from various industries. Facebook uses a complex algorithm to figure out which apps your target audience is using and places your advertisements somewhere in those apps. Not only does this give you the ability to target a specific audience on an app they frequently use, but your offer will seem more legitimate if your audience has seen the same deal/ad across multiple apps.
The reason over 3 million advertisers choose Facebook to market online is due to the vast reach of the Facebook network. Posting organically on your Facebook or Instagram page can be great if you have a dedicated following, but startups and growing businesses don’t always have a large organic following to advertise to. Instead, they use Facebook marketing to ‘buy’ a place in the feed of somebody in their target audience, i.e. people that share characteristics with the company’s ideal customer avatar and are likely interested in the products and services they have to offer.
Ads are shown in various placements across these applications. While you can manually choose the placement of your ads shown through Facebook advertising, it’s a good idea to start a campaign with “automatic placement” to let Facebook decide the most relevant placement based on the (super smart) algorithm.
Ads can be shown on Facebook:

  • directly in the newsfeed
  • through instant articles
  • with in-stream videos
  • in the right column of the app (desktop only)

Ads can be shown on Instagram:

  • directly in the newsfeed
  • through Instagram Stories

Ads can be shown on Facebook Messenger:

  • directly on messenger home
  • through sponsored messages

Ad placement cannot be chosen on the Audience Network, nor can you choose the actual app with the Audience Network to advertise to. Facebook does the hard work of researching relevant apps for you and makes that decision accordingly.
You can create an ad to be shown across Facebook, Instagram, or the Audience Network in the Ads Manager of your Facebook Business Manager. Ads Manager is the hub for creating, implementing, and analyzing the performance of your paid ads. We’ll go into more detail about setting up your business account in the next section.