Explain the uses of Map Reduce in Pig

  • Pig Latin query language, which is comparable to SQL query language, is used to write Apache Pig applications. An execution engine is required to run these queries. The Pig engine converts queries into MapReduce jobs, and MapReduce then functions as the execution engine, running programmes according to the requirements.

  • Pigs’ operators use Hadoop’s API to run jobs in local mode or on a Hadoop cluster, depending on the parameters. Pig does not send any outputs to Hadoop; instead, it sets the map-reduce inputs and data locations.

  • Pig Latin has a collection of basic data-processing operations, such as join, filter, group by, order by, union, and so on, that may be mapped to map-reduce jobs. Pig Latin defines a directed acyclic graph (DAG), in which the edges represent data flows and the nodes are data processing operators.