Explain the term ML?

Machine learning is a technique using which the behavioural patterns of a machine or system can be supervised via training the system using a particular set of historical data. It is an important subset of artificial intelligence which is primarily focussed on enabling machines to operate and execute without explicit information (or coding) from the programmer. Machine learning enables machines to learn from patterns of training data; to predict responses to possible future questions.

When human beings got tired of learning new things they made machines to do it. Now the human generation is busy on Social Media channels and Machines are Learning.

Machine Learning is basically a process or field for building algorithms which generate an intelligence based on data and pattern.

Humans beings also take decisions based on patterns. With the help of Machine Learning Human intelligence could be simulated onto machines. This way they could work under multiple conditions without any human interfere.

Suppose if we want to build an Object Detection algorithm. We would train the algorithm on millions of different object images with their name tags. This would help the algorithm know how exactly that particular thing look likes in all its instances.

After the training gets completed the algorithm would be able to detect objects in completely new images. These algorithms are typically coded in a programming language such as Python and R.