Explain the process of Facebook Marketing?

Explain the process of Facebook Marketing?

Facebook marketing is a platform that offers a variety of highly targeted paid advertisements and organic posts, allowing brands to put their products and services in front of the massive audience.
How to Set Up a Facebook Ad Campaign

  • Select Your Campaign Objective.
    Brand awareness: Facebook and Instagram
    Engagement: Facebook and Instagram
    Video views: Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network
    App installs: Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network
    Traffic (for website clicks and app engagement): Facebook and Audience Network
    Product catalog sales: Facebook and Audience Network
    Conversions: Facebook and Audience Network
  • Client name/ website
  • Target Audience/ Location
  • Custom Audiences
  • Creative Type ( Video? Carousel?)
  • Give Your Ad Campaign a Name.
  • Set Up the Audience Targeting.
  • Create a new Facebook target audience
  • Use a Saved Audience
  • Set Up Your Ad Placement.
  • Set Up Your Campaign Budget and Bidding.
  • Set Up Your Facebook Ads.
  • Set up Facebook ad campaigns
  • Create new ad sets and ads
  • Manage Facebook ad bids
  • Target many different audiences
  • Optimize your ad campaigns
  • Keep track of your campaigns’ performance
  • A/B test your Facebook ad campaigns.
  • Monitor and Make Adjustments using Facebook Insights.

Facebook marketing is one of the platforms of social media marketing. Facebook marketing is highly recommended for a good conversion rate. With Facebook marketing, you can grow your fan followings and engagements. It is the place where people go to connect with their friends. Facebook has two very important elements that allow it to stand out from any other platforms of marketing.
It has a user base of over 1 billion users. With it, you have a large number of target markets. Facebook has the ability to hold the attention of users. The average number of people spends 38 minutes per day consuming facebook’s content.

Types of Facebook marketing:

Facebook organic marketing
Facebook paid marketing

Facebook organic marketing:
It has free features available for businesses. There are two sides - the personal side and the business side of Facebook. The majority of users use only personal side Facebook. For business use of Facebook, you need to set up a business manager account and create a business page on it. For organic use of Facebook you can do regular posts. It has a feature with photos/videos, messages, or activity and one of the cool features is you can schedule your post and advertise your business. You can also create some live events or specific offers. For an e-commerce business, you can create shops.

Facebook paid marketing
It has all the paid features which allows you to grow your audience much faster. Firstly you should create a Facebook business manager account and set up ad campaigns. There are three phases in campaigns - Awareness, Consideration, and Conversion. Depending on your business objective, whether you want to grow more traffic, engagement, app installs, video views, lead generation, or messages - Facebook Ads Manager has a solution to all these objectives. You can create ads with a lot of criteria like what is your target audience, offers of product or services, budgets & schedules. After Google Search Paid Ads, marketers spend huge money on FB ads as a platform for generating leads.