Explain the logic behind targeted marketing. How can Machine Learning help with this?

Target marketing is segmenting a market and focusing on a few key categories of clients whose wants and aspirations are most closely aligned with your offering.
It’s the key to acquiring new customers, generating revenue, and expanding your business.
The beauty of target marketing is that it makes promoting, pricing, and distributing your products and/or services easier and more cost-effective by focusing your marketing efforts on certain groups of consumers.

Targeted marketing with machine learning:

Text Analytics Systems: Text analytics has a wide range of applications, including search, text categorization, named entity identification, and pattern search and replace.

Clustering: Customer segmentation, quick search, and visualization are just a few of the features.

Classification: Decision trees and neural network classifiers, for example, can be used in marketing to classify text.

Recommender Systems: Also, you may utilize association rules to evaluate your marketing data.

Market Basket Analysis: The mix of items that often co-occur in transactions is explained by market basket analysis.