Explain the functionality of a browser

A variety of capabilities are available in the browser. The following are some of them:

It allows you to access HTML pages and all web elements used in web-based apps and websites, as well as show answers from other websites in response to your queries.

Allows you to do a web search for a specific website by entering the URL or web address in the address box and viewing the results using any of the search engines.

The back button is used to return to recently opened pages, while the next button is used to go forward.

Maintains passwords for regularly visited websites that need authentication, and in most situations, keeps users signed in.

The visited locations are recorded in chronological sequence in history. It allows you to remember or bookmark sites of interest for subsequent reference or exploration. It also remembers previously visited sites in the form of cache and recognizes visitors, allowing for faster access to such sites.

Access to multiple websites, information exchange via API calls, email communication, data, and media file-sharing applications are all possible.