Explain Security in Operating Systems in detail?

The Security is the most important factor to think about when discussing an operating system. OS security is the process of guaranteeing the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of the OS. Security refers to the specific actions or measures taken to defend the OS against dangers, viruses, worms, malware, and remote hacker intrusions. All preventive-control techniques that guard any computer device’s assets from being taken, altered, or deleted if OS protection is arbitrated are included in OS security.

OS security could also be approached in some ways:

  • Performing regular OS patch updates
  • Installing updated antivirus engines and software.
  • Watching all incoming and outgoing network transit via a firewall.
  • Generating secure accounts with demanded perquisites only which is user management.
  • To maintain a good Security all the operating has evolved drastically, they have added counter measures in order to keep their OS safe for the users.

Every OS has started implementing these things:-

  • Authentication - Every OS need A user credential to use their services otherwise they don’t let you use.
  • One Time passwords - offer extra protection along with usual authentication.
  • Program Threats - Operating system’s procedures and kernel do the assigned task as instructed.
  • System Threats - implies to misuse of system facilities and network relationships to place user in trouble.