Explain Object Oriented Programming in C++?

Object - Any entity that has a state and behavior is known. It is an instance of the class.

Class - The collection of objects is called class.

Inheritance - When one object acquires all the properties and behaviors of the parent object i.e. known as inheritance.

Polymorphism - When one task is performed by different ways i.e. known as polymorphism.

Abstraction - Hiding internal details and showing functionality is known as abstraction

Encapsulation - Binding (or wrapping) code and data together into a single unit is known as encapsulation

Code for Creating Objects and Classes in C++:

class Student {  
      int id;//data member (also instance variable)      
      string name;//data member(also instance variable)      
int main() {  
    Student s1; //creating an object of Student   
    s1.id = 201;    
    s1.name = "Board Infinity";   
    return 0;