Explain Module in Angular?

The Angular module (also known as ngModule) helps us to organize the application parts into cohesive blocks of functionality.

Each block is focused on providing a specific functionality or a feature.The Angular module must implement a specific feature. The Components, Directives, Services which implement such a feature, will become part of that Module

The Modular design helps to keep the Separation of concerns. Keep the features together. Makes it easy to maintain the code. Makes it easier to reuse the code

The Angular itself is built on the concept of Modules

The @angular/core is the main Angular module, which implements Angular’s core functionality, low-level services, and utilities.

The Features like Forms, HTTP and Routing are implemented as separate Feature modules such as FormsModule, HttpClientModule, and RouterModule

Generate Angular Module:

You can create module manually or using the Angular CLI command

Use the following CLI command to generate a module

ng generate module <module name>