Explain Lists in R programming?

A list is a generic object consisting of an ordered collection of objects. Lists are heterogeneous data structures. These are also one-dimensional data structures. A list can be a list of vectors, list of matrices, a list of characters and a list of functions and so on.


# R program to illustrate a List
# The first attributes is a numeric vector
# containing the employee IDs which is
# created using the 'c' command here
empId = c(1, 2, 3, 4)
# The second attribute is the employee name
# which is created using this line of code here
# which is the character vector
empName = c("Debi", "Sandeep", "Subham", "Shiba")
# The third attribute is the number of employees
# which is a single numeric variable.
numberOfEmp = 4
# We can combine all these three different
# data types into a list
# containing the details of employees
# which can be done using a list command
empList = list(empId, empName, numberOfEmp)


[1] 1 2 3 4

[1] "Debi"    "Sandeep" "Subham"  "Shiba"  

[1] 4