Explain how we do Reporting in Tableau?

Reporting is the process of collecting raw data from the data source, processing it, visualizing it using graphs and charts and sharing it with others to get meaningful insights from data.

Tableau comes with a lot of reporting features like dashboarding, creating stories, sharing the reports with other users.

One unique characteristic of reporting in a BI tool like Tableau is that it encourages all the users to work on the same platform, with the same dataset and the same vision to get the best possible output.

A good report ensures best results in the form of accurate data insights that are used in decision making in businesses and in other domains.

We can create a report by some really simple steps that we can follow.

  • Open a new worksheet in Tableau
  • Add dimensions and measures
  • Create a visualization
  • Add more visualizations to your worksheet if needed
  • Create a dashboard
  • Share the dashboard as Report