Explain how to communicate the outputs of data analysis using R language?

Combine the data, code and analysis results in a single document using knitr for Reproducible research done. Helps to verify the findings, add to them and engage in conversations. Reproducible research makes it easy to redo the experiments by inserting new data values and applying it to different various problems.

As a programming language, R provides objects, operators and functions that allow users to explore, model and visualize data. R is used for data analysis. R in data science is used to handle, store and analyze data. It can be used for data analysis and statistical modeling

f we talk about performing graphical representation on our results there is lots of API amidst the I would suggest PLOTLY (which is also available for R), and GGVIS which is a merge between shiny and ggplot allowing you to create interactive graphics rendered in a web browser using Vega.

If we talk about making reports I would suggest you to use RSweave which is a really nice API combining Latex text editor with R code