Explain different types of Operating system?

OS falls into various categories :

  • Batch Operating System- Sequence of jobs in a program on a computer without manual interventions.
  • Multi-tasking OS - allows many users to share computer resources. (Max utilization of the resources).
  • Multi-programming OS - Manages a group of different computers and makes appear to be a single computer.
  • Network operating system- computers running in different operating systems can participate in a common network (It is used for security purposes).
  • Real-time operating system – meant applications to fix the deadlines.
  • Spooling based Systems

Examples of Operating System are –

  • Windows (GUI based, PC)
  • GNU/Linux (Personal, Workstations, ISP, File and print server,)
  • macOS (Macintosh), used for Apple’s personal computers and workstations (MacBook, iMac).
  • Android (Google’s Operating System for smartphones/tablets/smartwatches)
  • iOS (Apple’s OS for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch)