Explain Classes and Objects in Python?

Class: A class is a collection of objects. A class contains the blueprints or the prototype from which the objects are being created. It is a logical entity that contains some attributes and methods.

Some points on Python class:

  • Classes are created by keyword class.
  • Attributes are the variables that belong to a class.
  • Attributes are always public and can be accessed using the dot (.) operator. Eg.: Myclass.Myattribute

Class Definition Syntax:

class ClassName: # Statement-1 . . . # Statement-N

Objects: The object is an entity that has a state and behavior associated with it. It may be any real-world object like a mouse, keyboard, chair, table, pen, etc. Integers, strings, floating-point numbers, even arrays, and dictionaries, are all objects.

An object consists of :

  • State: It is represented by the attributes of an object. It also reflects the properties of an object.
  • Behavior: It is represented by the methods of an object. It also reflects the response of an object to other objects.
  • Identity: It gives a unique name to an object and enables one object to interact with other objects.


obj = Dog()