Expert tips for software quality assurance (SQA)?

  1. Understanding the individuals you need to influence: realising who the decision-makers are in the company, and who will be able to influence QA
  2. Creating empathy to increase alignment between teams: making sure all teams -from DevOps, to sales and marketing - are aligned on a shared view of quality
  3. Supporting your quality narrative with evidence: backing up your views with evidence of QA practices improving key quality metrics
  4. Cultivating internal champions: ensuring you have advocates of your vision within the company
    These [four steps will help you align your team, increase cross-functional awareness of quality and put QA at the forefront of the minds of the SLT. According to Dominic Holt, creating this quality culture is all about hiring the right people to advocate quality:

"In order to ensure quality in software development , it starts with hiring the right people who take an engineering approach to writing software so that anyone can understand how it works rather than just the person who wrote it. Once you have the right people in place, you need to install the right processes and quality checks in order to set appropriate expectations for the team”
We know that the end user rules in software development. No matter how great your software system, if your UX isn’t up to scratch, your customers will simply go elsewhere. The average app lost about $33,000 a month in 2019 due to uninstalls, so a dissatisfied user truly can directly impact your ROI.

But, sometimes, in the busy periods of release cycles and new updates, the user can get lost among the noise. You might get so tied up checking non-functional requirements that you forget about the importance of the user interface and user requirements. Or maybe you’ve been so caught up in the details, you’ve lost track of the big picture and forgotten that portability and privacy need to be factored in.

That’s why putting the user first, always, is a fantastic way to ensure you are delivering quality.