Excel cheatsheet(advanced)

What is the most commonly used tool in data industry? You might have guessed it because of the title of the article – it is Excel. It is by far the most widely used tool for several reasons. Easy UI / UX for any one to start with, great features for doing simple exploratory and statistical analysis and almost universal availability make it a must have tool in your repository.

However, not many people realize the power of Excel. At times, it is surprising to see people using R / Python for simple financial and business analysis, just because they are not comfortable with Excel. They fail to realize how much power Pivot tables, conditional formating and simple formulas can deliver.

EXCEL is the foundation for Data Analytics and One of the most useful tool. A very handy and useful Excel cheat sheet.

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#excel #ds-ml-ai #data-science #data-analysis #excel-pivot-tables #excel-VBA-macros