Example of how to answer "Tell me about your role model"?

I am giving an example of the answer to the question.“Who is your role model, and why ?”

Answer - "My role model is every teacher in the Harry Potter universe. Each teacher teaches different teachings and brings different points, which I like about each character. For example -

  • Professor McGonagall explains the need for focus and strictness in student’s life.
  • Professor Dumbledore teaches us how not to spoon-feed everything.
  • Professor Lupin teaches us the importance of practical knowledge.
  • Professor Moody teaches us how important it is for students to be aware of the dangers of the real world.
  • Professor Snape teaches us the importance of knowledge.

These teachers motivated me through my day-to-day life and helped me learn some of the habits essential for a student or a professional in their daily life.

I believe their teachings have helped me to achieve many achievements in my life, and they will keep helping me to do so."