Entry Level Human Resource Jobs

After earning their bachelor’s or master’s degree, new HR professionals join the company. The following are some of the entry-level HR job profiles:

  • Recruiter: Recruiters are in charge of hiring to fill unfilled positions therefore, they must source, screen, and coordinate the interview process, as well as facilitate offers and employment discussions.

  • HR Analyst: HR analysts are in charge of finding and resolving HR-related issues. They are in charge of developing the organization’s policies and objectives. Data and reports are analyzed and evaluated.

  • HR Associate: HR associates are in charge of gathering, documenting, and evaluating HR data within a company and maintaining HR records and supporting new workers with enrollment procedures.

  • HR Assistant: HR Assistant works with HR Managers and HR Directors to oversee the company’s activities and keep track of job postings in a database.

  • HR Trainee/ Intern: Referring issues to senior HR employees is the responsibility of the HR Trainee/ Intern and assisting with the recruitment process by liaising with agencies/advertisers.