Does TCS hire for Data science jobs as freshers?

Data Science jobs are generally regarding making value out of data. A typical role of a Data scientist includes making various machine learning process tools and processes in the company. They generally perform statistical measures on the data and use it to derive meaningful insights out of it. Data science jobs are very tedious in nature and require a good knowledge of algorithms and programs.

The roles offered in the Data science jobs are as follows:
• Data Scientist.
• Machine Learning Engineer.
• Machine Learning Scientist.
• Applications Architect.
• Enterprise Architect.
• Data Architect.
• Infrastructure Architect.
• Data Engineer.

Tata Consultancy services generally do not hire freshers for various data science jobs as they require people with a certain level of work experience as they offer Data analytics services using Big Data so they need employees with a certain level of experience. TCS has its own off-campus recruitment drives where it hires people for certain roles among which Data science roles.

• Companies generally do not hire freshers for the role of a Data Scientist.
• A Data Scientist does not become a go-to guy for the job unless they have five-to-ten-year experience in this field. The experience is a key to progress in this field to higher roles. Upskilling oneself is something that a candidate should look forward to in order to have a more stable career in this domain.
• The work of a trainee or a junior data analyst is not very similar to an actual Data Science role in an organization. The specifics and deliverables shall differ to an extent.
• The role of a Data Analyst can be more appropriate for a fresher during which they can gain more knowledge in this field to progress and track a better career path.
• However, if a fresher has worked on a real-time project in a company, it can provide a slight edge to them in this respect.