Does TCS hire for Data Analyst jobs as freshers?

TCS is one of the largest recruiters of India and recruits from both engineering and non-engineering backgrounds. A data analyst’s role is to gather, filter, and arrange data and apply various statistical techniques and data analysis tools to gather inferences from the data to help solve complex problems. They develop and implement databases and data collection systems. They identify trends, patterns in the given data and interpret meaningful insights from them.

TCS hires in the college placements in the Engineering colleges for the role of trainees and then allocates projects based on the need of the company for a particular type of work. TCS provides training for the same during the initial period It may be derived that TCS hires Data Analyst as it requires. It would be difficult for freshers to get in this role as it years of experience to properly analyse the data and solve complex problems faced by companies in real life.

• Since, Data Analyst is generally an entry-level job with companies like TCS hiring junior analysts and associate analysts, freshers are a consideration for these roles.
• The data analyst acts as a gatekeeper for an organization’s data, ensuring that all stakeholders understand the information and can use it to make smart business decisions.
• It’s a technical position that necessitates a bachelor’s or master’s degree in analytics, computer modeling, science, or mathematics.
• Since, a bachelor’s degree serves the purpose for a job in this domain to gain some work experience and then move on to pursue a master’s degree if one finds genuine interest in this domain, freshers should take this into consideration.
• This not only helps them in gaining first-hand experience in the corporate sphere but also helps them in building a strong profile for career advancement by working in a reputed company like TCS.