Does TCS hire for Business Analysts’ jobs as freshers?

TCS is one of the largest recruiters of India and recruits from both engineering and non-engineering backgrounds. A Business Analyst works with the companies to suggest and work on the improvement of their processes followed by maximizing the business’s effectiveness by taking well-informed decisions backed by data-driven solutions. They identify problems in various parts of the business and work on the solution.

TCS hires in the college placements in the Engineering colleges for the role of trainees and then allocates projects based on the need of the company for a particular type of work. TCS provides training for the same during the initial period It may be derived that TCS hires Business Analysts as it requires. For the role of a Business Analyst in an IT company, the company would set up scenarios where the analyst would interact with clients and stakeholders to identify and solve their problems It does hire freshers for the role of Business Analyst.

• The business analyst is a strategic role that focuses on identifying problems and proposing solutions utilizing the data that a data analyst finds.
• Analysts usually have a bachelor’s degree in business administration, economics, or finance.
• BAs focus on a variety of business-related issues, ranging from project management to client interactions to problem-solving and data analytics.
• As a result, there is no clear distinguishing characteristic for the business analyst in terms of job, but responsibilities are often assigned based on educational qualifications.
• As a data scientist with a BA title, employees who are BAs are yet to work in management. It is entirely dependent on one’s qualifications and areas of interest.
• This role also serves as a stepping stone for people who want to pursue a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) for their higher studies and create a space for themselves in this domain.