Does PwC hire Data science jobs as freshers?

People are more interested in your ability to learn. Take great interest in existing data analytics subjects, and be open, engaging, and accessible. If you’ve been invited for an interview, it’s because they believe you’re qualified for the job. All you’d have to do is persuade them that you would be a good match for the company.

Since you asked though,

  • PWC interviews differ according to the function and team, but Data Scientist interviews generally follow a fairly uniform methodology across such question themes.

  • Machine learning, monitoring, and algorithm are by far the most typically examined abilities inside the PWC Data Scientist interviews. When compared to standard Data Scientist interviews, which generally include questions about SQL and deep learning, this is a significant difference.

  • That’s most of it apart from the general HR questions which you will have to have a common sense to prepare.

All the best!