Does Mu Sigma prepare freshers to become data scientists?

Mu Sigma is a decision sciences company based in India specializing in data analytics.

The name of the company is derived from the statistical phrases “Mu” and “Sigma,” which represent the mean and standard deviation, respectively.

Mu Sigma is a philosophy that combines business, math, and technology to produce decision scientists who are more than data scientists.

In practice, Mu Sigma training improves various skills, one of which may or may not be Data Science.

Data scientists can handle massive amounts of data despite technical limits because of their programming and database systems expertise.

The next clean the data and gather insights/predictions using the most appropriate methodologies, using statistical and programming knowledge.

Obtaining expertise is not promoted in Mu Sigma.

It is also not entirely in the hands of the employees to decide what they learn during their time here - each account is responsible for different tasks, some of which may or may not be related to Data Science.

To summarize:

  • At Mu Sigma, you might or might not improve as a data scientist.
  • The average Data Scientist is usually better at Data Science than the average Mu Sigman.