Does Morgan Stanley hire for back-end Engineer jobs as freshers?

To begin, Morgan Stanley went to a few colleges last year to recruit freshmen, and the position offered was Technology Analyst, which was the same for all of the college engineers.

Quantitative Analysts and Technology Analysts are two sorts of professions that Morgan Stanley frequently hires in India. The following are the details for the two job positions:

Quantitative Analysts (Quantitative Analysts): This position necessitates a mix of computer science and computational mathematics skills. Only BTech/ Dual Degree MTech applicants from a few IITs (Bombay, Delhi, Kanpur, Kharagpur, and Madras) are often selected for this position, and they must have high JEE AIRs, outstanding marks throughout, and strong Maths and CS fundamentals.

Technology Analysts: This is a position that is comparable to that of a software engineer, but it can also be applied to describe a data scientist. This position does not require a CS degree, but it does require some programming experience.