Does KPMG hire for Machine learning jobs as freshers?

  • KPMG has posted job openings for over 1000 roles in a variety of industries. For the West, North, and South areas, the organization is searching for tech specialists with expertise in Artificial Intelligence, Cloud, Machine Learning, Data Engineering, Domain specialism, and Business Intelligence.

  • The candidate’s overall experience must range from 2 years to seasoned individuals with up to 18 years of expertise and even freshers.

  • According to Akhilesh Tuteja, Partner and Head, Digital Consulting, KPMG India, the change has received a positive response from the organization, and as a result, they are now hiring on a wide scale for clients focusing on transformation projects. The projects necessitate the application of technology, resources, year-long investments in effort, and so on.

  • He went on to say that data transformation, cyber, and cloud are significant in the markets, unlocking business value and producing money for us and our clients. The various channels enable enterprises to turn learnings and cross-pollination in one context into expedited and value-added offerings across sectors.

So, yes due this expansion in career fields resulted in an increase in Machine Learning intake in KPMG.