Does KPMG hire for Back End Engineers jobs as freshers?

Back-end developers are needed by KPMG to construct, code, and update the server, server-side applications, and databases, which, when paired with front-end codes, help provide a functional, seamless experience for the end-user. They research industry trends, develop or upgrade back-end processes and codes, and collaborate with others to create a better program.

The organization seeks an analytical, results-oriented back-end developer that will collaborate with team members to debug and improve existing back-end apps and procedures. The Back-end Developer will use his or her knowledge of programming languages and tools to assess current codes and industry advances, construct more efficient procedures, fix difficulties, and provide a more smooth user experience. You should be an outstanding communicator, computer user, and project manager.

  • Back-end Engineers are responsible for compiling and analyzing data, procedures, and codes in order to diagnose issues and identify areas for improvement.

  • Collaborating with front-end developers and other members of the team to set goals and design more functional, unified code to improve the user experience.

  • Analyzing industry developments and trends to provide ideas for new programs, goods, or features.

  • Data collection and reporting to appropriate stakeholders, such as clients or management.