Does Google hire for Business Analysts jobs as freshers?

As a total fresher, the only method to gain general business analyst employment in India is to take a Business Analyst online course from a reputable institute. However, getting into Google isn’t enough therefore it’s best to gain industry experience and seek a position.

So let’s start to list the requirements for it:

  1. Minimum 2 years of expertise handling data sets with SQL or other programming/scripting languages.
  2. Analytical experience with large data sets.
  3. Working knowledge of analytics and narrating software (e.g., spreadsheets, presentation software, Tableau, etc.).
  4. Working knowledge of SQL.
  5. Basic statistical analysis, forecasting, and data mining skills are required.
  6. A strong grasp of relational databases, including SQL, MySQL, MapReduce queries, database definition, schema design, and business intelligence tools.
  7. Experience with programming languages such as PHP, Python, R, Perl, Java, and statistical applications such as R, SAS, Matlab, NumPy/Pandas, and others is required.