Does Fractal Analytics hiring process for Data science jobs as freshers?

Your selection will proceed as follows:

  • When you reapply for the Data Science role, you will receive an email with a link to the Mettl.
    Proficiency Test.
    This included live webcam monitoring, screen sharing, and a set of additional restrictions. You need to answer 70 questions in 75 minutes.
    The syllabus English (chapter reading and phrase correction) and data analysis (tables and graphs with questions based on them) sections are covered. Reasons for and Quant
  • Except for the data analysis component, each section was fairly simple. Keep an eye on the clock. No negatives are generated. To be interviewed, you need to answer 42 to 45 out of 70 points.
  • Beginners find it difficult to get into fractal analysis, as they are already involved in analysis, and those with expertise can do a great job.
  • They usually hire from reputable bschools. If you really want to take some courses related to e-learning and EDX entering FA as a beginner, or go to the Top Coaching Academy to learn the whole concept and your chances of being acceptable to FA , Will rise at the same time.