Does Fractal Analytics hire for Machine learning jobs as freshers?

It’s a question worth a million dollars. This question applies to a wide range of technologies, not just machine learning. So the answer is Yes and no as it’s quite difficult.

  • Data scientists and machine learning specialists face a high entry barrier. Years of experience with data and programming are required for the breadth and depth of expertise.

  • Almost all “entry level” jobs demand at least 2 years of SQL experience. Most organizations won’t hire you if you can’t manage your own data.

  • Companies are very guarded of their data, and most won’t provide inexperienced staff immediate access. Working in a data-related role for a handful of years while studying the other skills required to be a machine learning engineer is strongly recommended for individuals serious about this career.

  • Mastering complex programming, compilers, deep learning, and AI, for example, takes a long time. Companies will only invest in you but only if you have prior hands-on experience and accomplishments.