Does eClerx hire for International Voice/Non Voice Process jobs?

Yes. They are hiring for an International Voice/Non Voice Process. Below are some of the responsibilities of an International Voice/Non Voice Process.

  • Analyst Shift is a job title. Time: 9 hours every day, with a one-hour break

  • Working Days: There are five days in a week when you can work

  • Voice and Chat on a Global Scale

  • Graduates in the process, whether new or experienced a recent graduate with work experience

  • Communication abilities, both verbal and written

  • Allowance for night shifts of up to INR 2,500 Candidate profile that is required -Excellent English verbal communication abilities. - Inexperienced/newcomers - Is it a Bachelor’s or a Master’s degree? Experienced in - appearance, conversation, and conduct/behavior

  • Attendance and timeliness dependability- Flexibility for 24x7 shifts- Must be completely vaccinated- Should not have any obligations (part-time courses, regular studies tuitions, etc.) that interfere with job performance for a stroll

  • Please bring all of your documents (education/experience) with you. The Aarogya Setu app must be downloaded and installed on the phone, along with a complete immunisation certificate.